Saturday, September 25, 2010


This is NOT a girl......Oh No...
This is a MONKEY!!

The girl...I mean climbing onto everything! She climbs onto that train table then onto the couch and yesterday even tried to climb over the couch! My goodness, I thought girls were suppose to be easier then boys {at least when they're little} but so far this has not been the case! She gets into everything, loves to tear things apart, explore every corner of the house...especially loves trashing the bathroom and the kitchen. Will not stay out of the recycling bin and loves to "help" her brothers empty the dishwasher {only her dishes end up all over the floor}. She's sassy and loud, dramatic and busy beyond belief.

Good thing she's so stinkin' cute. She is a smart one too, very early in speech. It's amazing. She is calling herself by {one of} her nicknames, she says all of her brothers names...well two are there nicknames but that's what we all normally say for those two. We are big on nicknames around here. She is saying hi and bye, mama and dada, and of course the good ol' NO! Although it comes out sounding more like Na na na with a firm shake of the head. She can parrot almost's shocking really. People are constantly saying "did she actually just say that?" She's signing for nursing and all done and almost has potty and diaper change figured out, she gets the idea across anyways when she wants too. I usually only teach the basics because by the time I expect them to use things like their manners {please, thank you, etc...} on a regular basis they are already talking. I just teach the stuff that helps with keeping down the frustration before they can talk well. With my first born I went above and beyond but all the time spent teaching him tons of baby sign didn't really pay off because he wasn't into it by the time he could talk. For me baby sign language is just a great tool to keep the pre-verbal frustration down. Anyways it seems like every time I turn around she is picking up on something new! And now her first birthday is right around the corner...ack! I have a birthday party planned for her for next weekend and then her actually birthday is a few days after that...I'm going to be a mess, a sobbing overly emotional lady...brace yourself for some super mushy posts!


Kat said...

Holy moly! She is a smart little stinker! She is talking super early!
And what a cutie!!! :)

A Musing Mother said...

Don't let her wean herself. First of all, she's way too young. Second of all, it will break your heart.

Projection? Maybe. Not that my baby (now 5) broke my heart when he was 15 months old by weaning himself. He's more than made up for it by being a little Oedipus.