Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go ahead call me crazy

Trying not to get overwhelmed as I start on this journey of homeschooling my kids.

It's only preschool and preK {Bubu needed to feel a little bigger then his brothers...} after all. I think I'm making a bigger deal out of it then necessary. I've already been offering a preschool program in my daycare for years. Of course I've switched everything up this year and stopped ordering from the company I was going through before, so that is a good part of my stress. For some reason I felt like tackling my own lesson plans and setting up my own curriculum this year. Go ahead call me crazy. Really. I don't mind. If I had a spare moment to actually complete my over view for the year I'd feel a whole lot better. It has become apparent to me that I need to do a whole lot more research before next year. Write out my long term goal for my kids education, things like that. I already know that we are going to use the Sonlight program. It's a very complete beautiful homeschooling program, I feel strongly that it's the right one for us. Of course I need to see it in action, but I've spoken to a few people who use it and I've researched it and gone over the catalogs with a fine tooth comb for the last two years and I feel really good about it. I do have to figure out a way to budget it though. One thing I really like about it is that you can use the program for more then one kid, so you really get to stretch your dollar that way. I'm not yet sure what will work best for Atty, as I know he will need thing really tailored to his special needs. I'm looking into the listening program right now for him as well as visual and auditory therapies to help him reach his full potential. I have so much running around in my brain right now about all of this but it's late and I really need some sleep {if I'm lucky enough to get any}. I will have to ramble on another time.

This is sort of just a teaser post...and an explanation as to why I'm missing from the bloggy world as of lately. {Besides posting pictures with captions, which is about all I've been doing lately.}


Lori said...

I just love your header picture...that has to be one my most favorite family pictures of a family with little kids.

You are an amazing woman. In order to teach one's own children it takes lots of love, discipline, time and patience....and yes money. :) I think your desire to teach your own children is great and I know that no matter what curriculum you use, you will make it work.

I homeschooled for 4-5 years and it was hard work...I loved it and even though we had trying days to say the least I don't have a single regret. I absolutely loved having this time with my children. I was never one of these moms that looked forward to sending my children out the door. I loved being with them. Of course I still needed moments to myself. :)And I really struggled with sending my now little guy out the door too. Let's just say I haven' ruled out homeschooling even though I am unable to do it right now.

So my encouragement to you is go into each day knowing that it will not go perfectly...there is no such thing in a traditional school setting either.

Also to just have fun with it...when something is not working on a paticular day, change it up, use the creativity that is inside of you and go with it. I remember days when my 5 were just struggling and I would just stop everything and say put your books away and we would do something completely different.

Another thing I would say to you is try to get some time for yourself at least a couple times a week...even if it means not leaving your house but just doing something you love & enjoy to refuel yourself. You will need it for the trying days.

Most of all, get ready to have lots of fun and make memories with your kids. You are already doing this so it should be easy for you.

I pray it will all go well and that you will stop stressing about it. Once you relax it will be so fun! XXX

Lori said...
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Riahli said...

Thanks Lori...I really needed those kind and understanding words. :)

mommytoalot said...

YOu're crazy......just kidding..
brave and courageous is more like it
I admire takes a lot to homeschool .

Good luck and have fun...

Brittany said...

You are brave, but you are such a good mama! I love that with home schooling you can tailor your work to your kids! I bet they'll get a lot out of it! :)

Good job mama!

Kat said...

Whew! Homeschooling is just something I knew I wouldn't be good at. I have a hard time faking my enthusiasm for Joey's homework as it is. ;) God bless ya! :)

Riahli said...

Yeah, but Kat it sounds like your kids have a good school to go to. I read your post about it and I would love it if my kids could attend a school like that! If mine had a good school to go to I think I'd send them off too, but I don't feel comfortable with our option. It is over whelming, and I'm scared but jumping in with both feet just because it's the only good option for us.