Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Late Easter post...better late then never.

We made our bunny baskets again this year and had lots of fun making them. Aren't they the cutest (the baskets and the littles)! This year Bubu decided that the bunny's would not be complete with out a cotton tail, so we glued a cotton ball on the back and I have to say that it was a grand idea. "Little bunny cotton tail bouncing down the bunny trail..." We then went and spent Easter with family. It was really relaxing as always at their house, we love it there. We stayed the night and then the boys woke up nice and early Easter morning.
Easter baskets waited for excited children. Yes I am that mom that puts socks, books and mini bananas in her children's baskets. :) They also got a little sunflower to grow.
The floor was covered in minutes.
A beautiful baby girl. I wasn't going to get her an Easter dress, I'm not much into pastels or busy floral prints, but then I spied this red number with my favorite flower on it and I couldn't resist. She looked absolutely adorable in it I must say. Her cousin was in a black and white number so they looked super cute together.
We had to do the egg hunt indoors because we live in the rain NW and haven't had a decent Easter Sunday in YEARS. It's always seems to pour buckets, soaking the grass and making awesome rain puddles and yards of mud. Fun for mucking around in, not fun for Easter egg searches. Actually my boys would probably think so, but not the rest of us. Thankfully the house we were at is big enough for lots of good hiding places and they had a blast. Bubu was so funny, he was super excited about the "magical bunny" that he wouldn't stop talking about it. I really don't know were he got this idea because we don't really talk about the Easter bunny in our family. But I do encourage imagination so I was going along with it and asking him question about this magical bunny and he really had a lot to tell me about it. It was adorable and he was so excited. The only problem was that after the egg hunt when he didn't find the magical bunny he was crushed. He really though he'd find that sneaky little bunny. He was so troubled by it that he looked like he would cry. We talked about how it's good to use your imagination and then he decided that since he didn't find the magical bunny he would be the magical bunny. He hopped back out into the living room and proceeded to hide the eggs again and then mommy went on an egg hunt. He was an excellent magical bunny and I seriously had a hard time finding those eggs. That magical bunny better watch out or he's going to find himself out of a job. ;)
Finding eggs.
Sharing eggs.
Comparing eggs.
Beautiful, colorful, bountiful eggs.
These girls are adorable. Pretty Easter dresses and all. See that mouse Strawberry is holding, she adores that thing.
The girls looked especially adorable in their bunny ears. You should have seen them in their jumpers with their bunny ear on just jumping away chatting to each other. It was hilarious.
We had a wonderful day and didn't want to leave as usually. We would move in if we could. :)

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Brittany said...

What beautiful children! It looks like a perfect easter!