Thursday, April 1, 2010

April first...

April Fools Day makes me miss J.
We always played funny pranks on each other.
Maybe I can figure out a long distance prank?
Drawing a blank though, brain is malfunctioning at the moment.
Man I miss that kid.
One year I hid in the bathroom behind the shower curtain in the morning right after I heard his alarm go off.
He came stumbling in and I jumped out with a gorilla mask on my face and he freaked.
It was hilarious.
He's tried to get me back since then, but never has equaled that one.
Makes me giggle just thinking about the look on his face when I jumped out.
Hope somebody gets somebody good out there...happy April fools day to you all. I'd tell you all I'm pregnant but that's just not funny. Not even going to pretend.


Brittany said...

ha ha.. i'd have peed my pants! lmao. :) I love April fools day too!

mommytoalot said...

great prank