Monday, September 28, 2015

Zip lining adventure and a ten year old!

Banden turned ten!!!

A little while back we told the kids that on their tenth birthdays we would taking them on a zip line adventure. Banden was very excited to get to be the first to go. We had to wait a few weeks after his actual birthday, and boy was it hard to wait! ;) We made a special date of it, just the three of us.

We went on a fairly local zip line tour, only took about a half hour to get there and no ferry this time so that was nice. Ryder and I went zip lining a couple years back and had to take a ferry because it was out on San Juan Island. It was fun but the ferry ride is annoying and expensive. 
We also got to ride up in the monster shown above! That was an adventure all on its own! ;)

Excited and a little bit nervous...

I was a little bit surprised and a lot proud when this boy volunteered to go first!

Getting his game face on. ;)

And the shove off!!! They really launched him, wanted to make sure he made it to the other side. :)


Made it to the other side, no problem!

Love this picture! Can't believe ten years has gone by so fast!

Fancy backward moves. ;)

He totally lost his shoe on this rope bridge! The tour guide was super nice about it and went and found it right away. Good thing he didn't lose it on one of the other runs, it would have been a goner!

Having so much fun!

It's a long way down people!!!

And this is how it ends, straight down through a little hole.

I'm thinking he's loving it!

It was so much fun and I really enjoyed being able to spend a day with Ryder and my wonderful, loving, and amazingly brave first born son.

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Kat said...

Wow! That is awesome!!!! It looks like a blast. I would love that. I think my kids would too.
So fun!