Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rockin' the rock...

Well we had our first really nice day of spring and headed for our annual rock picture as usual. :)

 I can't believe how big they are!

 I say that every year, ha ha!

 My biggest boy…

 My littlest boy…

 My silly baby girl…

 My middlest boy, ha ha!

 The views at this park are amazing!

 Crabs had to be found for observation.

Leiella is such a mountain goat, she wanted to climb the whole time! Good thing daddy was willing to go on adventures with her. :)

Mountain climbing involves posing for pictures apparently.

Awesome crab find...

Observing the crabs they found. Sorting and categorizing. It was a scientific adventure. ;)

Climbed to the top! 

Me and my honey in the sunny! ;)

Not to be out done by his sister...



Pushing the limits.

Banden collected crabs the whole time!

Leiella's baby crab. :)

Charlotte is quite the adventurer!

Rosemary is not… She's a momma's girl. ;)
They've since had haircuts, looking a little scruffy here, ha ha!

Since this glorious day we've had way too much rain. At least we had a glimpse of what is in store. Bring on summer!

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Kat said...

I love your annual rock pictures. We do something similar like that. The annual picture. Isn't it always a little sad to see how much they have grown in one year? :(
Beautiful picture, though. It looks absolutely gorgeous there.