Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random missed moments… well missed in the bloggy world anyways.

Somebody started baseball this year!
No more t-ball for him. :)

I'm loving the red outfits.

He takes the game very, very, very, seriously. :)
And he's good, if I do say so myself.

This rockstar dresses herself, oh yes she does. And she comes up with winners like this on a regular basis, ha ha!

The kids love slumber parties on the weekends, and they usually end like this. :)

One of them is faking, and it's not the big one. ;)

J is living with us right now, a story for another day maybe… He turned 19 soon after arriving, so of course he needed birthday pancakes! He absolutely hates having his picture taken, haha!

It's a very full house right now, but I'm loving it. I have my biggest boy back… for a little while anyways. :)

Banden has a stay up night now. Every Thursday he gets to stay up an hour past his siblings. He really needed to feel like the older brother. :) On this night he wanted to play war with J… and as you can see by his very happy face, he was winning. I really treasure this time and plan on letting all of my kiddos have a special extra hour to themselves when they reach the same age. :) Which means that four out of seven nights I will have to wait a little longer until I get me time, but oh well. Me time is over rated anyways right… ;)

Don't be fooled… ;)

The kids made this rockin' Leprechaun trap. :)

Unfortunately they once again didn't catch that sneaky Leprechaun… they have already planned the trap for next year, it's going to be the winner they say. Ha!

Banden loves his furry sisters.

Hubby made this beautiful shoe shelf for me, to go by the front door.

It goes well with the shelving unit he made in the background. 
Love having a creative and very talented husband. :)

And I end with more slumber party snuggles. Because they are just too cute! :)

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Kat said...

Loving the baseball get up. He looks so handsome!
We have started letting our oldest stay up a half an hour later than his siblings lately too. For the same reason. He needs to start feeling older, since, well, he is! He usually stays up an extra half hour or so in his room either reading or building LEGOS or whatever. He loves it.
Sounds like you've got a pretty happy home. Love it. :)