Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring garden 2013

Well spring is here, finally, and so are the spring garden pictures. :)
I love looking back and seeing how the yard/garden changes over the years and seasons in our home.

These smell heavenly. 

Colors popping up all over the place. :)

Pretty soon this will be filled to overflowing... I like how basic it is now.

My new dwarf apple tree! :)

My other new dwarf apple tree! :)

Ryder made me this beautiful bird feeder for Christmas and put it up for me the other day. It's in a perfect spot in my back yard garden. I'm hoping to get sweet peas to grow up it this year. :)

Another view, at a different angle.

Vibrant, fresh and new. Love.

While I was doing garden clean up I uncovered this sweet little guy. :)

My transplanted flowering current is blooming, that's a good sign.

Stripped down to almost bare, need some more compost, and then it's planting time baby!
I don't know if you can spot the little artichokes I planted here and there, but they hopefully will grow nice and big this year.  Then they will be hard to miss. :)

My sister helped me to redo the path up front. It wasn't wide enough last year. I'm thinking this will work much better. :)
So now I should be good on garden posts for a few weeks anyways. ;)
I have my seeds all set to plant any day now. This year I'm going to try my hand at growing beets, along with the regulars. I didn't buy as many different types of squash this year because the last few years I just haven't had much luck with them. Unfortunately, because we love squash around here. I also got some sunflower, snapdragon, and sweet pea seeds. :) Bring on the sun!

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Kat said...

Yay for spring! I love your garden and I'm jealous that you have flowers already. We still have snow here. Still, it didn't stop me from researching raised garden beds online yesterday. ;)
LOVE that bird feeder! And your new header too! :)