Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There is no other quite like her...

Lala is growing up to be quite the character!
The other day during snack time I walk up to the table and Lala is carefully dropping little spoonfuls of her yogurt on the table. When I asked her what she was doing she said "making pancakes mom". All matter of fact and just kept on going like it was all normal. A little while later Spike tells me that she is putting yogurt in her water and to this she responds {as in yells} "I'm making apple spider!" Just to translate apple spider means apple cider... the girl is crazy. :)

And fearless. She gives her brothers a run for their money. I think she's trying to compete for who can climb the highest, get the dirtiest, ride their bike the fastest, etc... If she can't keep up she just cries like her heart is broken and they all come running back, ha ha!

So far she doesn't seem to care all that much about frilly "girly" things. She's a funny combination, often she will wear old clothes of her brothers with a fancy necklace or cute shoes thrown in. I'm the one picking out the dresses... didn't think I'd be that mom, trying to get my girl to be a certain way. So I've backed off, and come to realize that is really was me dictating her wardrobe and when left to her own devises, well she could really care less. With backing off I've allowed some purple in her clothing and came to find out that she actually looks awesome in purple {a color I really don't care for}. It was fun doing the girly thing when she was little, after three boys, but I'm not much of a girly girl so I guess it's no wonder that my girl isn't either. For now. Who knows what's around the corner. She might get super girly just to drive me crazy. ;)

Last night I had to go take a first aid/CPR class that lasted late. When I got home she was still awake. As I walked down the hallway and passed her room I heard her little voice calling me in. I went in and sat down on her bed and she said "mom I need prayers in my bed". Something she always asks for even when we've all said prayers together after reading books. The sweetness was too much, I almost cried. Her adorable tired little face, waiting up for me so that we can say prayers together. Holding my hands and echoing the pray with me. The way she drags out every word in her sing songy voice. I just wanted to save that moment forever.
I think one of the funniest things she does right now though, by far, is the sound she makes when ever she is doing anything repetitive, like washing her hands, wiping the table, coloring. It's not really singing, it's just this ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh sound that is hard to explain. I should try to post a video of it. It's also a tale tale sign that she might be doing something she shouldn't. Like the day she covered my house in scribbles... I should have know something was up where she was making that sound while covering my house in marker. When she is discovered doing something she shouldn't she also says "oh sorry mom" right away in this funny surprised voice. Like she just discovered what she was doing right then with me. Another funny thing she says right now is "In 60 minutes". This is her response when she takes something from her brothers and they want it back {or they just want something she has}. And she says it in all seriousness. She gets really upset when we insist that she gives it back right then and not in "60 minutes". Kind of like when she would tell us "in two days" about everything.
"Lala put your shoes away"
"in two days mom".
I'm telling you she is quite the character.

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Kat said...

Haha! I love a spunky girl. Awesome. :)
That bit about the prayers nearly had me in tears with its sweetness. Treasure these days. :)