Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A post about a birthday that happened a month ago... oops.

I forgot to post about Atty's bird birthday!!! His 5th birthday. In February. Good Grief!
It was a lot of fun! Atty is still really excited about birds, so we centered all the fun and gifts around that theme. Bird decorations, bird games, bird feeder craft... everyone had tons of fun.

{Ignore the glare off those horribly dirty windows, I swear I wash them but the kids just get them sticky all over again, like instantly.}

Birds, birds everywhere! He was so excited to wake up to all these birds. :)

In our family I get all the kids some sort of little present in the morning of a birthday. So that everyone feels included. We don't open presents until the night time {Usually daddy's not home until then, and we all want him to be there, so we wait...} Waiting until night takes a lot of patience though so I like to give them all a little something fun in the morning. :) This birthday they all got a little Audubon bird, of course.

My big bird loving five year old, sitting in his special birthday spot at the table, waiting for his birthday pancakes.

The high point of his morning was opening a present that was sent from his biological brother in Montana. I'm so thankful for this special relationship we get to have with his brother and family. His brother is adopted as well, and in another state no less, so it's pretty special that we get to be so close to them! In fact we are planning a trip to Montana this summer to see them and it's about all we can talk about around here! :)

Bird boy!

Special heart cake made with almond flour and a sweet cashew butter frosting. I tried something new and made it sort of like a spice cake and it was really yummy!
He just couldn't wait, ha ha!

We also had an amazing birthday party for him the following weekend with some family and close friends and it was a lot of fun... so much so that at the end of it all he passed out on the couch with out a moments notice. One moment he was partying like a big boy, the next he was out like a light. I'd say that party was a success. :)

It was a wonderful birthday, for an amazing boy who is growing up entirely to fast! One of the funniest moments at the birthday party was when he open up a present from a friend that was a bag of bird seed and some nyjer bird feeder sacks... and he was so excited! He couldn't believe he had his own bird seed! {Normally I buy it and fill the feeders myself} He wanted to carry it around with him. Everyone had a good laugh... I mean seriously what five year old boy do you know would get so excited over bird food! That's what I love though, he is so uniquely him.

Happy Birthday Son!
Even if mommy is over a month late posting this... oops.


Kat said...

I think he would get along with my oldest very well. My Joey has bird books, all the birds memorized (seriously) binoculars, the whole thing. His secret santa in school got him a bird feeder for Christmas. Everyone knows he is crazy for birds. So funny. And we have that same robin stuffed bird that Atty has too (and the hummingbird, mountain bluebird, chickadee, etc.) ;)


I love all the decorations! You are such a fun mom! It looks like Atty had a great birthday! It is so amazing to see his journey and how far he has come. Just awesome! Happy 5th Birthday, Atty! :)

Alyssa Spring Corley said...

I just found your blog and I'm so impressed with Atty's story! By neice had had seizures since she was a couple years old (several a day) and last age 12, she had a brain surgery that has now made her seizure free for over a year. I've never even heard of this diet!