Friday, November 5, 2010

Is she sassy?

Yes, I do believe she is...

She's 13 months old and still not walking...but she LOVES to dance and she climbs on everything! A couple days ago she figured out how to climb our dinning room chairs, and from there climb onto the table and I have since lost count on how many times she has done this. We have two table sets, one in the dinning room and one in the play room and she just keeps going from one to the other. I get her down from one she's climbing the other. And she's fast! She's also trying to climb the ladder to the boys bunk bed so I'm going to have to start removing it every day.

She's already trying to tell her brothers what to do and run the show. When I have to scold one of the boys for something you can often hear her in the background echoing me. She has the tone down and everything, sounds just like me even though you can't really understand a word she's saying.

But underneath all that sass is a sweetheart. She is so cuddly and gives the most adorable kisses. She is hilarious. So full of personality.

She is starting to play with her brothers, it's so cute to see her growling while playing with a dinosaur or making car noises as she pushes one along the floor after her brother.

She loves playing outside and is constantly trying to sneak out the back door no matter the weather.

She is saying new words almost everyday it seems.

She still has only four teeth on top and two on the bottom, although I'm pretty sure she's working on some more on the bottom right now. She loves to eat! {Even though she only has six teeth...} Veggie soup it is her favorite right now, she can eat bowl after bowl of veggie soup. I guess you don't really need many teeth for that, ha ha!

She adores her daddy, lights up when she sees him and crawls lightening fast into his arms when he walks in the door. {He is quite smitten with her.} Even though she adores her daddy she is still an absolute mommy's girl. :)

Lately she's been a bit obsessed with shoes. Very UNlike her mommy. She gets all her shoes out and plays with them, looks at them and tries to put them on her feet. She is starting to play with her baby dolls too, gives them little kiss and such. Not nearly as much as blocks, dino's and cars though! So far it looks as if she will be more of a tomboy then a girly-girl, which makes my heart happy. She's got drama though, lots and lots of drama. I guess she can't be perfect all the time. {But she's pretty close if you ask me...}

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Brittany said...

She is just so darn stinkin cute! She makes my heart melt! I want a girl (in due time!)

She seems like a perfect mix of girly and tom boy! ;)