Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' Time!

Ever since we moved we've never found an awesome place for pumpkin picking fun...until now! We went to a farm up by where I grew up, it's about an hour away and well worth the drive. It did cost money to get in but for this year at least we only had to pay for Bubu and the adults. For me, my hubby, my sister and Bubu it was ten total, not to bad, considering there were a lot of other things to do at this patch that didn't cost more money {unlike other patches we've been to}. I didn't realize that you couldn't bring in outside food though, and had packed a lunch {Money saving tip for big families, and healthier too!} so we were pretty hungry by the time we were leaving, being as we went right at lunch time! We did get to eat some super yummy apples right off the trees though, that was a special treat. Even Atty got to share an apple with me {although I did get nervous because I didn't have his oil with me and he's suppose to eat all carbs with oil on his special diet.} He really enjoyed it, I loved how excited he got to be able to eat the apple with us.
We enjoyed a corn maze, and got completely lost for a moment. Every one took turns trying to find the way out. At one point Atty tried to take us off roading straight through the corn, he was done with the whole thing, ha ha!

There was lots to look at, Giant Pumpkins, pumpkin tree art, tons and tons of animal, a guy driving a "train" around like a maniac. (seriously, wouldn't have put my kids on that thing...) There was even a play ground that the kids enjoyed for a moment.

Had to take a picture of each of the kids standing in front of this thing of course!

They all humored me.

Even Atty...he normally doesn't like to stand still for pictures.
I wish now that I had thought to get baby sister too, but that will have to wait until next year.

There were donkeys, poultry, goats, horses, pigs, and rabbits. The kids loved them all. My sister even gave them a quarter to get some feed for the chickens, wow was that exciting! ;)

This particular moment melted me. Spike is such a great big brother.

Lala loved the pumpkins, so much so that she kept giving them kisses, adorable!
There was a hay ride down to the pumpkin picking area and that was a lot of fun.

Some of the pumpkins made the perfect seats. Here's Lala with apple clutched in hand, she was obsessed with that apple!

Atty picked a super cute little green pumpkin. Every year one of the kids just has to get a green pumpkin...Usually it's Bubu, but not this year!

She was so excited, pumpkins everywhere! I gave up and let her explore. {Yes that meant crawling around in a dirty field, and she loved every minute of it!}

Bubu picked out the biggest one this year, cause he's the biggest... ;)

I love this picture, Lala in a field of pumpkins.

Since my sister came along we got to get a family picture. I love harvest pictures, pumpkins and a scarecrow in the background, doesn't get much better then that! Thanks sister. We really had a wonderful time, which is saying a lot because every one of us had to wait until WAY past lunch time before we got any food! That actually worked out too though because we went to my brothers place to eat our picnic and got to visit there for a bit. Always fun to go there...

We loved this farm so much I think we might go there and get a real tree for Christmas this year. They have apple orchards, a huge pumpkin field, a tree farm and it's third generation family owned. We'll be back! :)

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Lori said...

Sounds and looks wonderfully fun! It's too bad they didn't have a picnic area for people to eat at. Since I have a big family too, the costs sure can add up to do family things like this. I love the family picture!

How is homeschooling going? I've thought of you often! :) XX