Friday, October 8, 2010

A much needed family day...

Finally my husband had a day off after working 7 days a week for way too long! It's all or nothing with his work and it can be hard on a family. Hard on the kids. Hard on him. Hard on me. Hard on our relationship. Just plain hard in general. I love getting away and doing things together as a family, I enjoy it more then dates with hubby and alone time for myself. Don't get me wrong I love and need both those things at times but over all I crave the times that we are all together as a family and it is at these times that every thing seems right with the world and my heart is full. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, in fact I would prefer that it's not. We love the outdoor and all the fun you can have. Exploring. We live in a great area for exploring...when it's not raining. Scratch that we explore in the rain too. You have to if you are a true Washingtonian. It doesn't bother my kids at all, actually they might like it even more because what kid doesn't like splashing in puddles?
This particular day was magnificent though. Absolutely beautiful. As was the scenery. I love this picture of me and my boys. What a lucky mommy!

My favorite picture of the day, I managed to get us all into a picture I took easy task! Plus every one but the baby is looking at the camera!! Lala is looking down and smiling because she was trying to take Bubu's hoodie off, funny girl.

Wow, are they really all mine!?! It's so hard to believe, I never envisioned myself with four kids...ever.

It never would have seemed perfect, but now some how it is. God always has a better plan then we could ever guess at! I never realized what I was missing until I looked into each and every one of their eyes.

Daddy's little girl.

This is such a beautiful spot and great for taking pictures. I took way to many! I drive my family crazy with the camera, but can't have to many pictures right? Right? Even my husband, who rarely takes pictures, got in on the action and took this great picture of the girl and I.

This is a great picture of daddy and his boys, going on a walk. All in their hoodies, too cute! Oh my to I love my boys...

We really enjoy looking for special rocks, Atty found one that he liked and ran to show me.

Lala found one too, and wanted to put it in her mouth, little stinker! She thought it was pretty funny to drive her mother crazy with it.

We stayed until the sun began to sink. We saw a seal and a ton of little tiny fish. We saw deer. We tried to look for bunnies, because Atty always wants to find bunnies when we go on walks, but sadly we found no bunnies. We sat on this dock and talked and stared out at the water for a really long time. Listening to the water lap against the boards, looking at the birds as they swooped down for fish, watching the sky change, and bonding together as a family.

It was the perfect day.


Kat said...

Perfect! The perfect day! And you got so many great pictures out of it! You should definitely frame the one of the whole family. I love it!
So glad you all got some time to enjoy each other. :)

Lisa said...

last week my hubby came home from work early to go to a school game night function at my kids' school, and it felt sooo good to be together as a family! I totally understand how the day with ALL of your family was so wonderful! great pics. :)