Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh the joys of Christmas morning.

So my Christmas morning went like this-
Got out the camera so I could take a picture of the boys as they walked down the hallway out into the living room. Except much to his brothers dismay my little redhead wouldn't get out of bed. No matter how much we begged. So I took a picture of that instead. Then...
my battery died. Just. Like. That. Not cool for a picture freak like me, lets just say I panicked just a tiny bit. Made the boys stay in their room cause I'm mean like that while my mind raced trying to figure out what to do. I couldn't stand the thought of no Christmas morning pictures on baby girls first Christmas! Then I remembered that my camcorder has a picture setting. The pictures all turned out super grainy...But at least I have pictures...such a relief! Okay so back to Christmas Morning, I let the boys out of the room, and Atty still wouldn't get up so we started with out him. As my other two started pulling banana chips, dried fruit, tangerines, (yes I am that kind of mom) and little toys out of their stockings they stumbled upon a little bit of Chocolate, and the screams of "Candy" got that little stubborn red head out of bed. Finally.
Blurry eyed boys peering into stockings.

So exciting. We spent quite a long time going through stockings and sharing with each other.

While this girl sat with her daddy and looked extremely cute with her chubby little belly hanging out. Doesn't she make a jolly Ms. Claus, ha, ha!

She apparently really liked her stocking. She got her first doll! I have to say that was weird grabbing up a doll for her...still can't wrap my head around the fact that I have a girl!

Atty got an awesome present from his other brother who lives in another State. They have never met and we are hoping to get them together (his brother's adoption was finalized this month, finally) this summer for a camping trip!! When Atty's adoption was finalized this last summer we were calling it Atty's Happy Day, so that's why they made this picture for him. On his brother's adoption day they called it his Happy Day too, I thought that was super cute.

Nee nee (my mom) opened Strawberry's presents...she had fun with that. I found her some cool books, and lots of books for the boys too, we are a big book reading family. Love those books!

Daddy loved the presents that the boys make for him. Gingerbread fridge magnets with their faces in each one...super cute.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas morning, filled with laughter, book reading, present sharing, and a super yummy breakfast. By the time it was all over, my camera battery was charged up again, go figure...


Kat said...

So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. And YEAH for finding a way to get pictures. Well done! ;)

mommytoalot said...

Looks like an awesome Christmas morning.
Glad u were able to get some pictures. I can't believe a little one wouldn't get up..i can only dream that are all up at the crack of dawn.
Happy New year to you and yours.