Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life swirls by

October quickly changed into November. Life swirls by like the leaves in the wind.

Getting our decorating on. :)

Ira wrote a Bill of Rights for shoes and it was hilarious! 

We went to the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum with Ryder's aunt and it was awesome. Even though it was freezing cold and pouring down rain. At least there were buildings we could step into. I'd love to go back in the summer. There is a lot to explore there in the surrounding park. 

I made fermented horseradish and it was delicious. :) 

Leiella's stay up night, playing a fun boardgame about gardening. She was super into it, ha ha! 

Fall hike with friends. Atty found a huge leaf. :) 

Lots of castle building. 

Picture of Leiella with a friends dog. Cuteness. 

We had a fun Thanksgiving themed craft party with some homeschooling friends. The girls branched out from there and made all sorts of fun things. Including this fairy outfit for La. :)

Turkey puppets.  

Kids are back to putting puzzles together. :) 

My sweet prince. He's a couch hog. ;) 

Ira is getting really good at knitting! We saw some fingerless mittens on display at the museum mentioned above and Ira had a go at it. I think they turned out pretty awesome! He's now made some for others as Christmas presents and even made a trade for a pair. He got a jar of apple butter in exchange, he was pretty excited to have his very own jar of deliciousness. :)

I made a salve for Christmas gifts. It's a sore muscle salve and I'm pretty excited about it. I was able to use my own dried calendula and lavender for it. I also used arnica oil and dried St. John's wort. We made a similar one in a class I took and it works really well. :)

We posed for our Christmas picture on Thanksgiving. This is the flop, ha ha! Silly kids. 

My mommy and I. Thanksgiving fun. :) 

Neenee and Ira, being silly. 

We continued last years holiday fun by going with my mom, sister, sister in law, and kiddos to make Christmas wreaths the day after Thanksgiving. :) It's really fun and the kids love it. This year they all made their own. I've got a lot of wreaths to put up, ha ha!

I will finish this post with some cute pics of snuggled up fluff balls. Our favorite time of day. Mommy snuggles before bed. ;) 

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