Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Final catch up post.

As the summer is turning into autumn the kids and I continue to enjoy the great outdoors. :)

Great fast paced 4 mile hike. :)

River fun!

Making wild foraged Hawthorn jelly. :) It was so good!

Decorated for Leiella's birthday. She woke up to a surprise tea party! :)

Pretty hibiscus tea.

She wanted ice-cream bars for her special treat so I just held a candle for her to blow out, ha ha!

This horse crazy girl finally got a pair of cowgirl boots!

Time for the fall switchover! :)

This girl loves to help me clean! I spent a Saturday deep cleaning and she wanted to help me the whole time!

Such a fancy girl.

The kids were inspired by a project in their art class at the learning center. The came home and made a bunch more. :)

We had a super windy day and I let the kids go up front (away from big trees) and play in the wind. They had a blast! The leaves were just flying by!

Making tortilla! Ira's so good at it now that he made them the other night, start to finish, on his own!
It's a coconut flour/flax meal recipe that taste amazing and works really well. We were so happy to find a wrap that we can all have!

Little miss.

She finally lost her first top tooth! I giggled for days afterwards, so cute and goofy!

The only one to get a ride in the wagon on the way to the pumpkin field this year!

I love this picture so much!

I was craving a chicken pot pie. But making a pie crust that works that we can all have is a pain. Then it dawned on me that maybe the tortilla recipe would work. It totally did with a few adjustment and it was sooooooo good! Totally comfort food that I haven't had in a very long time!

No reason, she just felt like dressing up. :)

Ira is determined to solve this.

Puppy pile. It matters not to them that they all have their own bed. 

And now I am all caught up to present time! Lets see if I can blog on a semi-regular basis again. :)

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Kat said...

So fun! Waking up to a tea party! How cool is that???
I can't believe how big the kids are getting. :)