Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brothers, sister, and cousins

Before I can blog about Christmas in... February :/ I need to post some pictures from a wonderful visit. Atty's bio brother and his family flew over from Montana (in November) and stayed with us for a few days! Such a blessing. It meant so much to us that they were able to do this and another year didn't pass without the boys hanging out together. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. 

They had a whole train set up for snack, ha ha! I put the snack in the little cars the train was pulling and they took off little bits at a time as it went around. It was super adorable.

Atty and brother hanging out with the creatures they all made with straws.

Brothers just drawing birds and chatting. They did this for quite a while, Atty would find a bird and talk about it and his brother would draw it. They make the perfect team. :)

We were all impressed. :)

Brother love.

Brothers, sister, and cousins. :)

Adoption can build beautiful families, mothers raising brothers, swapping stories and advice. Learning from each other. Soul sisters! :) Atty's bio brother is so lucky to have such a wonderful mother, she really has a beautiful heart. I'm so glad we can call them family!!! 

Neenee and her grandson.

One of my favorite pictures!

These girls have a special bond. :)

Ira and Banden with Atty's bio brother's little brother. Phew, that was a mouthful, ha ha!

Cousins, lets just say cousins. :)

Made my heart so happy to have him near again, if even for a little while.

Having fun together in our "fort".

It was hard to say goodbye. Big hugs and a few tears (me) all around.

Can't wait until our next visit, hopefully somewhere half way this summer!!!

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Kat said...

Oh this just makes me tear up. How wonderful! And what wonderful mamas you both are to make such an effort to have your boys know each other. LOVE. Love, love, love it all.
I LOVE that pic of Atty and his brother in the window of the playhouse. It almost looks like they form a heart shape together.
And I LOVE the photo of all of the kids and you with just a little bit of your face poking out from ALL THOSE KIDS!!!! How precious is that?????? Awesome.