Sunday, January 11, 2015

Never a dull moment!

One of the projects I went crazy on right after Christmas. :) Still so much going on on this self, but at least it's better contained now. 

They have a ridiculous amount of games, but they do all get played, so I can't really narrow them down any more than I have at this time. All the little tubs have random items in them, from science stuff to misc puzzle and game pieces. Everything that had little pieces in it went into a tub, because we often have a baby around now, and he's crawling already! 

Also organized the toy self and put all the baby toys down low. Everything with little pieces has been moved to tubs with lids or into their rooms. (I also sorted/decluttered/organized their rooms, it was quite the project!) We've never had toys in the rooms before but over this last year we started moving more stuff in there that I don't want little hands to get into. Like legos. Which my boys love now, and they just don't work in the playroom. 

Speaking of playroom, I want to start calling it a family room. Don't know why I like that better but I do. I called it a playroom when I had a daycare, and now that I don't I want it to feel more like a relaxing family room. Which it is now that the kids are getting older and there isn't as much kid stuff in there. Who am I kidding, their is still a silly amount of kid stuff in there… but it's getting a tiny bit more balanced.

On to New Years eve! My poor honey didn't make it very long. He's been working so hard! He had been up since 3 am and has already been putting in some massive hours these past few months. It looks like the over time is starting to ease off though, for now, and I'm glad. I really worry about how much he works! I know he likes the extra money, and it does really help. But on the other side of things I miss him so much when he's hardly ever here, and so do the kids. When all of our basic needs are met I'd really rather time than money.
That being said I'm sure he's feeling the pressure of earning extra for the up coming trip to Texas!!!
I'll tell more about that later. We are finally going to see our good friends, after three years of missing them!

He was out by 8:30, ha ha!

The kids and I watched tv and played games...

And just acted generally silly. :)

Leiella confiscated my camera and took a crazy amount of pictures. It was sort of funny looking through (and deleting most of) the pictures. For some reason she took a bunch of my bum! Good Grief! Funny thing is I didn't even notice her doing it, ha ha!

Leiella perspective. :)

Then she got really annoying, just snapping one after another of us trying to watch a show. Started to get a feel for what my poor kids go through. Oops.

It does make you want to be uncooperative, I get it now! ;)

Finally enough was enough, good thing I'm the boss and it's my camera, ha!

Cheers to a new year from our family to yours!!! All the kiddos made it to midnight this year. :)

Here's to hoping for another fabulous year. 

Next day we headed up to the mountains as always. Snow day! My kids look forward to this, and this year especially since we have yet to see a single flake in our neck of the woods. :(

That is Leiella up there at the very top by her self. This hill was actually pretty steep. She totally went down on her own! She is fearless. :)

Watch out for that tree! ;)

These birds provided great entertainment! They are not shy at all!!! They are a grey jay I believe and they love people scraps according to Atty's bird book. If you don't offer them some they will just come take it. As in land on your plate! Worse then seagulls! But a lot cuter. Ryder said he saw people feeding them by hand when he went up to the lodge. So of course all my kids wanted a bird to land in their hand. And since the birds were boldly trying to steal from them anyways I figured why not. Normally I wouldn't allow my kids to feed wild animals of any kinds. But I bend the rules, uh oh!

Each one of the kids managed to get a bird to eat out of their hand. The looks on their faces were priceless! Especially Atty's.

And yes we did eat our lunch sitting on sleds, ha!

This is the only picture I managed to get though, of a bird perched on a hand. My mom's hand. :)

After our late lunch break we headed back for a bit more snow fun.

That blur of snow is actually Leiella and I sledding down. I asked Ryder to take a picture of us and when I looked on my camera I didn't see one and was feeling a bit disappointed. Until I realized that this was the picture he took! It was a very chilly ride!!!

So cold in fact that I didn't go down again. I hate being wet and cold! My head band and scarf was soaked and I had snow down my shirt, yuck! My daughter on the other hand was not fazed.

Here's the little snow bear with the cowl I made her for Christmas. :)

Have to have warm apple cider after a day in the snow. :)

My mom actually had quite the adventure. She managed to fall through some slushy snow and get her foot stuck. The sledding area is actually on a lake and so parts of it can be a bit dangerous when it's not cold enough out. We weren't there at the time as she was walking back to our vehicle with Atty to warm up and wait for us. Some kind strangers were trying to help her when we caught up to them! She had managed to get her foot out at that point but was stuck sitting on the snow without a boot as her boot was still in the slush. No one had been able to get it unstuck. I don't even know how she managed to get her foot out but I'm glad she did or she would have been in a world of hurt! As it was her foot was really cold by the time we got her back to the Suburban and I quickly worked on warming it back up. Ryder saved the day and managed to wrench her boot free. :) She was really upset at the idea of leaving it there as I had just given her the boots. So he reached way down there into the cold slushy icy water and wiggled it out just right. He's good at saving the day. :) Anyways everything ended well, life is never boring when my mom is around. ;)

My kids are getting so big!!!

I was trying to demonstrate how to take a better selfie to my mom on the way back down the mountain, ha ha! She kept taking them from a down low up the nose position, not the most flattering. ;) Anyways this is not the best one of me either as my glasses are sliding down as usual and it's overly emphasizing the bags under my eyes from staying up way too late way too many nights in a row. ;) (I made a crazy amount of hand made gifts this year. Sewing, crocheting, and making salves for Christmas.) Regardless it was fun being silly with my mom.

And this picture makes me happy.

For anyone that read my post about what happened to Ira's tooth, this should give you another giggle. Or totally gross you out like it did me. My mom actually gave Ira her recently pulled out wisdom tooth to give to the tooth fairy since she swallowed his tooth. Egads!!!
Like I said never a dull moment with my mom. Use to drive me crazy when I was a kid, now it mostly makes me laugh… and or roll my eyes. ;)

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!!

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Kat said...

Your posts make me so happy. I love how you talk about your family. I can just hear the love. Especially when you talk about Ryder. :) Sooo good. :)

Your mom sounds like a character. Reminds me of my mom. Goofy and a little out there but ya gotta love 'em. ;)

I LOVE the hat you made for Leiella. SO cute!

I love your trips to the mountain. They look like SO much fun!