Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...and one more makes seven...

Meet our newest family member... Max.He's ten weeks old and super adorable! I saw his picture yesterday morning and just got this feeling that he was the perfect kitty for our family. The kids had been talking about getting a pet for a while now {Although it's mostly been talk about a dog, but I'm just not ready for that... so I guess I'm trying to buy myself some time, haha!} I had started thinking about a cat and looking around for one. Just looking and getting ideas. I didn't think we would be getting one for another month or so. But I just couldn't pass him up! In my mind the perfect cat would be a big fluffy orange long haired male cat. And there he was! He turned out to not be as orange as I thought, but you know what it doesn't matter because he's still gorgeous. A Carmel Vanilla Swirl... yummy. :) So far he's just a doll, really sweet. Hopefully it will stay that way, he's definitely been well loved and very use to people. He's litter box trained {a must} and seems to be doing fine with that as well. Seems really healthy and well balanced. So far we couldn't be happier.

Isn't he just adorable!

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Kat said...

Soooo pretty!!!!
Congratultions on your new family member!!!