Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, mostly in pictures...

I never seem to have the time for blogging anymore, but I wanted to get this Easter on here some how, so it's mostly in pictures. Some day when there is less cleaning to do {I swear it's non-stop right now!} I'll get back to blogging with words, maybe. :)

In case you are wondering why I posted a picture of us sitting in a field... we went to an Easter sunrise service {very} early in the morning.

Sunrise service, check. Easter baskets, check. Breakfast... almost.

It's hard to get this boy to take a picture these days, sigh. Of course I was trying to get him to stop for a picture in the middle of an egg hunt... not the best time for that I guess.

Sassy face, she's been perfecting it and it's almost perfect. :) {Seriously she practices in the mirror!}

Pretty girls in Easter dresses. My girl is slightly less fancy, what can I say... I'm always going for practical. Oh well.

My sister and my {hopefully} soon to be sister-in-law {either way she's family now!} and my adorable niece.

Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful one as well.

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Kat said...

A sunrise service! Wow. You are amazing! I don't think I'd have the guts to try that with four little ones. ;) Great job!
Looks like everyone had a lovely time! :)